About CDS


We develop Design and Layout software created by Designers and Engineers. We built this software platform out of necessity in our own design bureau back in 1995. We have built custom software programs in partnership with leading manufactures time and time again. With their input and use, we offer design tools that fit the need of the wish list for designers challenged in the industry to produce.

Authorized Autodesk Developer

CDS has been creating software for 25+ years using the AutoCAD® engine as a base graphics engine. Using LISP and ARX routines we call this intelligent design engine, Electronics Packaging Designer or EPD. This core design engine (EPD) is tailored for specific technologies and industries. The result is faster, more accurate designs than are possible with other "Design Automation" tools. Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) is the best environment for all types of designs and layouts.

Your Major Investment

We also realize that you have a major investment in your processes and your tools. We look at how we can improve and optimize your process and system, not throw out what you have. We reduce design time by adding automation to your processes, at a lower cost of entry than traditional EDA tools. This helps you increase productivity and also improve cost avoidance. We not only offer full stand-alone EDA layout tools, but we also complement the tools you already have through system interoperability.

Used by well-known industries in the world

  • Leading private and public companies
  • Government and Research laboratories
  • Military Suppliers
  • Universities
  • Training Facilities

EDA Software Partnerships


CAD Design Software, we believe that partnerships with leading technology companies will better the design world to help produce the best and most accurate designs with improved Return On Investment (ROI).  CAD Design Software has built relationships with other EDA and software companies to expand our product line to be used on many different platforms.

Business Partnerships


CAD Design Software partners with industry related companies to expand software technology and market exposure.

Why Choose Us

Designed By Designers

Built by designers for designers, our easily customizable software enables users to build advanced IC packaging structures with utmost flexibility.

Flexibility Matters

Supports vector artwork, allowing virtually any shape object to make the modifications, check Netlist and a design rule check to clear it for manufacturing, as soon as possible


No big learning curve as the software’s intuitive environment allows a designer to immediately recognize the tools and know how the system works


The special LTCC design and Gerber package that CDS has designed for LTCC has essentially allowed us to reduce our tooling generation time for complex ceramic designs from 40-80 hrs to 2-8 hrs.  This is a significant savings in cost, production flow and quality of our LTCC products.

Testimonial A Major U.S. LTCC Foundry

I have found this to be a very good tool indeed, and I am very impressed by the features and stability. Clearly it has been designed with RF/hybrid and package design in mind, which is a huge improvement on attempting to do these designs in a PCB tool

Testimonial Canada customer of Ceramic / LTCC

One of our main targets is speeding up HDS (High-Density Substrate) designs. Our tests show that your system was the most powerful. You can beat most CAD or CAM systems in speed. I highly appreciate your great efforts to cause these excellent results.

Testimonial Japan customer of IC Packaging and High Density Substrates
Awards and Articles

CAD Design Software is awarded in the Top 10 Semiconductor Packaging Solutions Companies of 2023  – With the advancing functionalities of integrated circuits (IC), there has been an industry-wide push toward more efficient packaging to optimize their performance. Semiconductor manufacturers look for innovative electronic design automation (EDA) software with the flexibility to simulate various design scenarios and test the manufacturability of complex IC packaging structures.

"Top 10 Developments" in Ceramic Interconnect Technology Announced at IMAPS Washington, DC – The latest advances and challenges – “The Top Ten Developments in Ceramic Interconnect Technology” – were recognized at a recent press event hosted by the Ceramic Interconnect Initiative (CII) at IMAPS 2002, The 35th International Symposium on Microelectronics in Denver, Colorado. CAD-Design Software's "Hybrid Designer” has been nominated for the honor of being included in the Ceramic Interconnect Initiative's "Top 10 Ceramic Accomplishments for 2002".

CDS RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS AWARD FROM ADVANCED PACKAGING MAGAZINE, which each year awards the semiconductor packaging industry’s most innovative companies with a prestigious recognition of excellence for electronic packaging applications.  CAD Design Software's Bond Wire Optimizer/3D Design won in the CAD Package Design Software & Equipment category

A Spectrum of EDA Functionality is Essential for PCB Design Workflows, Designing PCBs doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a comprehensive array of EDA functionality. Think of it as choosing the right tool for the right job.