Custom Solutions


Not only does CDS provide feature-rich Electronic Design Automation (EDA) layout solutions, we also consult with clients to create custom circuit design solutions to smooth out their specific development flows. Over the past 25+ years.

CDS has worked with it’s customers to develop many custom software solutions. We pride ourselves in adapting the software to the customers' needs, and not asking the customer to adapt their flow to the software’s functions. CDS also writes customer data that links to Epoxy Dispense, Die Placement and Wire Bonding Machines.

CDS delivers high-value custom circuit board software design at low cost of entry, full interoperability with other EDA layout tools. Utilize CDS' complete EDA layout and DFM solutions, or add unique or customized automation to your current EDA layout tools for high-value time and cost reductions.
We create customizable circuit design solutions for the following EDA markets:

Ceramic (Hybrid LTCC, MCM)
RF / Microwave (inc. phased array antenna)
IC Packaging (BGA, Stacked Die, SiP, PoP, Die Bump, high-speed intelligent Lead Frame)
Customization and custom development applications

CDS customizes its software to speed up the Research and Design process:
Opportunities always exist to automate various design and process steps
We provide automatic application specific software instead of forcing the designer to use generic features and workarounds.
New commands and processes are easily implemented to reduce laborious tasks
Short development, test and release cycle
Speeds up research and development.
Researchers can add their own code or CDS can provide support.

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