Translation & Conversion Tools

ACAM - A Gerber and GDSII Tool

With ACAM you may effortlessly create Gerber or GDSII translation code from DWG / DXF drawings. This is the most complete Gerber code generator in the world! Additionally, read Gerber and GDSII Stream files/code as Vector Artwork complete with supported layers.

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ODB++ Bi-Direction

The ODB++ Bi-Direction Utility is an add-on module that imports/exports an intelligent design created in EPD (or imported into EPD environment) by using the design process from one of our Designer Suites or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files.

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SAT Conversion Tool

The SAT Conversion tool will Output an EPD design as an ACIS (*.SAT) file format and will also Read-In a SAT file format. This software converter is more robust than a standard ACIS SAT export/import by supporting any User-defined color settings that were set to individual artwork entities or layers.

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BWX - Bond Wire Export

The BWX Bond Wire Exporter outputs bond wire data such as Bond wire X,Y Location, Material Type, Directional Arrows and Numbered Sequence to an XML format or CAD-ASCII data format. These outputs will contain wire bond information of polylines in a DXF or DWG vector design

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IDF Conversion Tool

The IDFCONV Utility module Outputs an EPD parts layout in IDF 3.0 format (*.emn and *.emp) to be used in a MCAD environment for simulation, parts location changes. Output in IDF 3.0 format can be brought back into EPD for layout updates.

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