CAD Design Software - Technical Support

CAD Design Software offers support for customers currently on Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). AMC includes access to software updates and revisions, and e-mail or telephone technical support. 

Submit an EMAIL to our Technical Support Team Members

Technical support is available M-F, 5:00am - 5:00pm PST. Normal turnaround time is 24 hours. However, heavy workloads and weekends may cause slight delays.

See our Live Web Update Blog for information on the latest updates and version number.


Support Topics:

How to Check your Current Version 

From the CAD Design Software pull-down menu, select the EPD VERSION or type about_epd on the command line. The suffix (last number) indicates the sub-release version after updates have been posted on Live Web Update. When New Releases are posted, we update the Prefix and the internal number.
(e.g. 0.0.0 - Prefix / Internal / Suffix)

Also when first starting EPD, the Read Technology dialog box will display the current version:


Request support from inside CAD Design Software GUI

Using the Built-In Support function will gather important information for CDS to help diagnose the issue and also allows to attach a file such as a DWG or screen shot.

  • From the CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE pull-down menu, select the INFO/REQUEST sub-menu and then pick Support Request Form.
  • The Technical Support Submit Form dialog box appears and will populate information we will usually request.

  • Fill out the form fields that were not populated by the program.
  • Pick the Attach button to attach 1 file (optional)
  • Pick OK to send the request using local Email program.

  • A message will appear that the program is sending and will need to Allow.


Help and Documentation

  • Each software product comes with a CHM help file located in the \Help\ directory of the installed product. This Help file may be opened and viewed at anytime.


  • Each software product will create links to these and other documents in the Windows Start>All programs>CAD Design Software menu.

  • To use CAD Design Software Help within the software:

    • Execute the command in question by picking it from the Pull-Down menu or typing in the command name on the Command line and pressing ENTER.

    • Then, while in the command, press the Function 1 key (F1) and HELP will open then jump to the command in question.

  • The main help may be accessed from the CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE>HELP DOCUMENTATION pull-down menu or type "EPDHELP" and ENTER.

Getting Started

  • The EPD software product comes with a Getting Started CHM file located in the \Help\ directory 'GETTINGSTARTED.CHM'

  • The CHM includes details about First Time Use, setting Technology, Layers and more.

Using GUI and Menus

  • Each software product includes CUIx files (menu file) of the commands available in CDS products.

  • The menu will be inserted within the existing GUI menus (near the right side around Window and Help). The menu will be titled CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE with the version of the product.

  • The pull-down menu will show the commands available in the license and commands not licensed will become dimmed.

  • Commands may also be typed on the Command line and press <Enter> to execute. Using the Up and Down keyboard arrows will cycle through the last0used commands and then press <Enter>.

  • Common used commands may be set in our custom menu maker command.

Using MenuMaker

  • The Custom MENUMAKER function creates a custom screen menu of commonly used commands (side-docked or floating).

  • Both EPD and Design commands can be added to a custom menu by selecting them from a list or by recording them as they are used. This command allows the user to organize commands into menus that can be customized for specific applications.

  • See the local Help Documentation CHM or press F1 while using for detailed instructions on using.