CAD Design Software - Training Courses

CAD Design Software offers a full training curriculum for every need. Training can be provided at our Training Center or at a customer’s site. Additionally, custom training can be prepared using customer’s specific designs. All training is scheduled on an as-needed basis to provide the fastest possible service.

Standard Training at CDS Training Facilities:

PCB Training:
"Schematic Capture thru PCB Design - Two-Day Course"

Ceramic MCM Training: 
"Schematic Capture thru Ceramic MCM Design - Three-Day Course"

RF Training:
"RF design capabilities added to PCB Training or Ceramic MCM Training - Add one day to the existing courses"

Lead Frame Package Design Training: 
"Lead Frame Package Design Course Two-Day Course"

BGA Design / Packaging Training: 
"BGA Design Course Three-Day Course"

* Price of all courses at CDS are based on a 2-person minimum. If only one student, training will be scheduled during other scheduled training, usually Thursdays and Fridays. If training is urgently needed and must be scheduled individually, a surcharge will apply (single student training). 

Custom Training and Training at Customer Location: 

Custom Training: 
Custom Training at CDS (per day) 1 or 2 students - Custom training using customer files requires a minimum of 2 weeks setup time. 

Customer Location Training: 
Custom training is available at the customer location (per day, additional travel time and expenses will be charged). Maximum number of students is 6 per class. Additional students may be added for an additional charge. Custom training using customer files requires a minimum of 2 weeks setup time.

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