EPD, BWX and ACAM for Windows® v8.3 System Requirements


CAD Design Software's Products run
on Windows® PC Platforms.

A version of the software is also available as a PLUG-IN for Autodesk® - AutoCAD®

All CAD Design Software ships Unlicensed (See Licensing Support)


About EPD for use with Windows®: The EPD for Windows installation plus the BWX and ACAM product will create a desktop icon to open the design platform and also create a program group in the Windows Start menu.

All advertised software contained in the single software installation package and may be unlocked / add-products with a single license. Products that are not licensed will appear in menu(s) as dimmed or unavailable to select.

CDS offers Single Unit computer licenses and floating Network License.

v8.3 for use with Windows® Requirements:

  • 64 Bit Platform

  • 5 GB free disk space for installation

  • *Some dialog boxes in CDS products will require a High Resolution 1280x1024 to open/display.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 and 10 Standard, Enterprise, or Professional edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional.

Customers should be aware they are not purchasing a replacement program for AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

CAD Design Software products use this Graphic Engine only to execute our developed layout and design software program tools (e.g. compiled ARX and LSP files) and the EPD for Windows and the BWX and ACAM products should not be considered, replaced, or assumed it could be used to replace any prior AutoCAD or BricsCAD design environment to perform or produce productive work. CAD Design Software does not assume any liability if EPD for Windows products are used as a replacement for AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

When an EPD Suite or Stand Alone product(s) is executed it will load our ARX and intelligent background programs automatically. Any DWG / DXF file, drawing or design that is either created in or opened in or saved in the EPD for Windows environment or a Stand Alone environment, the only change made to the DWG, is the substitution of CDS-Polylines. The EPD for WIndows does not allow use of custom AutoLISP Routines or loading custom ARX programs.

Disclaimer and Acceptance Terms for using EPD or Stand Alone software for Windows:

Our EPD for Windows v8.3 Design Suites and our Stand Alone v8.3 software products; uses the AutoCAD OEM graphic engine v2019 licensed from Tech Soft 3D Inc. The EPD for Windows products contains a set of standard design and drafting tools that will be similar to AutoCAD tools and are made for use with the design of layouts for the purpose in which the drafting tools are intended when purchased from CAD Design Software (e.g. design and layout tools for technologies such as PCBs, Ceramics, IC Packaging, Gerber export, etc.).