Phased Array Antenna (PAA)

This software facilitates the semiautomatic and automatic tuning of phased array antennas. It has a system to keep track of all the path lengths in the antenna system’s routing and various tuning commands that tune the entire path at once.

Phased Array Antenna Design and Tuning Process:

  • An optimization Software is used to place the dividers in the antenna array and autoroute them.  

  • It automatically seeks the configuration which has the best coarse path length or delay matching of all the paths. 

  • An interactive editor is then used which will display all the path lengths and allow real time manual length adjustments to get the tuning closer. 

  • Finally an automatic tuning software is used which will put undulating arcs in the nets to achieve 100% tuning of all the paths to 4 decimal places of accuracy.


Automation of most current design steps with
simultaneous design verification

  • Rules driven design process

  • Full Layout vs Schematic comparison and verification

  • Full DRC checking of all rules, including complex custom rules as defined by customer.

  • Length and Path matching of antenna lines.

  • Complete verification of the Gerber image vs the Design image.

CDS customizes its software to speed up the current design process

  • Opportunities always exist to automate various design steps.

  • Every type of design has unique requirements.

  • Application specific design steps and processes are automated instead of just providing generic features.

  • New commands and processes are easily implemented to reduce laborious tasks.

  • Short development, test and release cycle.

CDS has already completed customization for top manufacturing companies 

  • Phased Array path matching tuning with easy trace editing.

  • Advanced arc editing.

  • Unit Cell array with automatic via removal.

  • Time saved is several days per design.

  • Manual steps involving working with an Excel spreadsheet to accomplish length matching is completely eliminated via this automation.

  • Possibility for human error eliminated through automatic match verification up to 8 decimal places.

  • Arraying and auto-modifying cells while maintaining
    only one version

Documentation is completely automated

  • Fabrication document with all levels shown can be created automatically

  • Multiple levels of Assembly drawings can be created automatically

  • Customized per company / fabricator requirements.

Full CAM output can be provided to speed time to market

  • Epoxy dispenser data

  • Component Placement Data

  • Wire Bond Machine Data

  • Software automation for an assembly line

  • Gerber, ODB++ and IPC data for Fabrication

  • Data for test requirements

Our hierarchical schematic system can easily capture and display your complete design 

  • Schematics with LVS checking assures first run success

  • We can write code to auto-draw the phased array portion of the schematic.

  • Hierarchy makes design easy to understand

CDS is the only EDA company that provides an advanced and intelligent level of custom enhancements with complete support

  • All other companies provide “shrink wrapped” solutions, whereas CDS will create a product that is specifically designed to cater to your unique design challenge.

  • Customization of EPD software comes at a fraction of the cost that other vendors would charge

  • Designers can create their own customizations

  • Extremely cost effective when compared with other tools

  • Only tool on the market that will specifically address phased array antenna design

  • Enables quick design and DRC checking

  • Easily customizable unlike any other currently available tool