ODB++ Bi-Direction (ODB) 

The ODB++ Bi-Direction Utility is an add-on module that imports/exports an intelligent design created in EPD (or imported into EPD environment) by using the design process from one of our Designer Suites or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files.


Key Features:

  • Capture a netlist and run any DRC rules, then export the layout into either compressed *.tgz or *.xml for use with ODB++™ Compatible software.
  • Units as Imperial (inches) or Metric (mm).

  • Import document layer from ODB files

  • Export user defined layer to ODB’s document layer.

  • Mpping user defined any layer in EPD to ODB layers.

  • Fill Closed 0-Width Polylines as None, Blocked, Not Blocked, or Both.

  • Bi-Directional conversion supported.

  • Line Type to have the conversion check the PCB outline line type.

  • Set the Text Line Width.

  • Set the Zero Width Line width.

  • Checks that traces entering pads have their endpoint terminated at the center of the pad.

  • Corrects all traces that do not terminate at the center of the pad.

  • Check that bondwires entering SBPs have their endpoint terminated at the center of the SBP.

  • Set a Precision to the number of decimal places required for output precision.