Lead Frame Library Search (LFLS)

The Lead Frame Library Search add-on module maintains large libraries of EPD-intelligized Lead Frames and provides a search function for best available Lead Frame for a die. This module is designed to work with the Advanced DRC Module.

Watch a Basic Video Demonstration

Watch a Basic Video Demonstration for ADRC on a Lead Frame

Selects the Best Lead Frame for a Specific Die from an intelligized library of Lead Frames by reviewing the dies compatibility with 10 standard Lead Frame parameters including the number of internal lead tips, the number of external pins, the DAP size, the Lead Frame technology type and custom parameters. It then places the die in the selected Lead Frame(s) with a fixed or optimized netlist and then runs the Advanced Design Rule Checker (ADRC) to test the compatibility with each Lead Frame and make a report. 

Key Features:

  • Developed in conjunction with the world's leading semiconductor packaging companies and has proven performance with other leading edge design technology companies.

  • Displays the parameters for each Lead Frame in the library and is used to select the die and set up the search parameters.

  • Filter a search of the library using the following parameters:

    • External Lead Size Width

    • External Lead Size Pitch

    • Number of Pins – Tips

    • Number of Pins – Leads

    • DAP Size – Length

    • DAP Size – Width

    • Tip Size – Length

    • Tip Size – Width

    • Power Bars – Quantity

    • Power Bars – Nesting

    • Package Type 

  • Filter using Min and Max value settings. 

  • A fixed netlist is read in to test the wire bonding of the selected die in each filtered selection. 

  • Loads ADRC rule set and is run on each filtered selection.

  • Custom parameters may be added.