Impedance Calculator (IMP)

The Impedance Calculator performs two way calculations between the following parameters: line width, differential line width & spacing, substrate thickness, impedance, and dielectric constant for various micro-strip and stripline configurations.


The only impedance calculator that will allow for trace etch taper and a separate dielectric constant for solder mask. The only impedance calculator that will quickly fine tune trace and substrate structures with geometry calculations based on input target impedances. 

Impedance Calculator is available as Stand-Alone software for use directly Inside Microsoft Windows™

Key Features:

  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface

  • Built in Material libraries

  • 2 way calculations with automatic iterations for complex calculations

  • Microstrip, Stripline Single or Differential Pair, and mixed-dielectric differential stripline calculations

  • Slides illustrate the cross section of each configuration

  • Unitless

  • Calculations are accurate up to a maximum 2GHz frequency 

  • Various Impedance Calculations:

  • Microstrip with or without soldermask

  • Independent dielectric constant for soldermask

  • Microstrip and stripline rectangular or trapezoidal trace configurations

  • Differential and common mode impedances calculated for differential pair routing

  • Mixed-Dielectric Stripline configuration for accurate calculation of composite substrates.

  • Propagation delay calculations, Geometry Calculations,

  • Differential width and spacing can be calculated from the desired impedance through iterations

  • Accuracy correlation to within 1.0 percent of high-end field solvers on the market today!

  • Note box for user reference information

  • Print button to print out current dialog box with settings.

  • Impedance Calculator performs two-way calculations for various Differential Microstrip and Stripline configurations between the following parameters: 

    • Line width

    • Differential line width & spacing

    • Substrate thickness

    • Impedance, and dielectric constant