Edge Solid Designer (EDGE)

The Edge Solid module has a number of commands that act on various line and polyline data to make automatic conversions needed for many processes.

A major feature is a MakeEdge Boundary Creation function which makes a composite closed zero width polyline polygon edge from any overlapping entities that are solid or have width, blocked or not blocked. It can convert any polyline that has width to a boundary and then covert it back again.

Key Features:

  • Processes boundary artwork which can be made up of lines or polylines that have duplicate segments and overlapping segments in the lines and arcs; and the software eliminates all unnecessary segments and then closes it into one perfect closed polyline polygon.

  • Vectorizes arcs, lines up vectors on superimposed areas on different layers. 

  • Boundary geometries may be converted to filled geometries

  • Joins line segments into closed polylines automatically. 

  • Eliminates duplicate and 0-length lines and merges overlapping line segments. 

  • Converts closed 0-width polylines to thick polyline fills.

  • Draws 0-width closed polyline edges around many overlapping entities.

  • Simultaneously and progressively chamfers all vertices of a multi segment closed polyline. 

  • Converts circles to donuts and/or Converts donuts to circles.

  • Converts circles to polygon polylines.

  • Changes lines and arcs into polylines and polyarcs by Layer or Selectively.

  • Creates airgaps and ground ties around selected pads for edge vector thermal reliefs.

  • Converts True Type fonts into outlines.

MakeEdge Boundary Creation

Convert thousands of entities from an inferior PCB Design Database or Gerber files to clean composite boundaries: