Die Bump / Flip Chip Microwave Technology (DBD)

The Die Bump / Flip Chip Technology automates the process of creating redistribution routing and bump artwork to convert a standard die to a flipchip die. The redistribution layer can be created easily and quickly directly on the IC through the use of our automated bump creation and Interactive Autorouting utilities. 

Key Features Include:

  • GDSII stream file reader imports graphics from large dies and extracts relevant layers and entities by viewing a preview of the die's structure

  • BallGrid command makes patterns with a configurable number of levels and shapes for use as bumps

  • Automatic or interactive net list generation by 3 different methods

  • Autorouter designed for dense BGA routing with just enough clearance

  • Complete netlist verification and DRC

  • Wafer Array command panelizes the design in perfect alignment with the original silicon image 

  • Easy die creation tools can create dies from .LIQ .DIE .DWG GDS Digital scans (with distortion compensation) and manual data entry into parametric dialog box

  • Automatic orientation of die for redistribution on silicon design or for later substrate routing.

  • Routing using automatic length tuning and matching.

  • Differential pairs are interactively routed.