Design Technology Modules

All Technologies covered by Electronics Packaging designer (EPD) are based on real world design steps based on feedback from experienced designers. Unlike many EDA tools, the EPD design flow and command sequence logically follows steps that designers prefer to use. Each of the technologies listed below provides a powerful tool for a specific design type.

Pick a Technology below to learn more on how EPD Suites and Utilities help designers create fast and accurate designs using one of the most advanced and complete toolsets on the market.


Ceramic MCM / LTCC Technology

Supports designs for all types of MCM
technologies. A dedicated hybrid library allows
a user to save bare die and dies with wires.

RF / Microwave Technology

Provides tools that enhances the design of
RF / Microwave / Wireless printed circuit boards
and creation of complex embedded circuits.

PCB Technology

The PCB layout environment is a core set of tools
to natively supports all major features for PCB
circuit design technologies.

Flex Technology

Provides tools to speed up the design of flexible
printed circuits with true arcs  teardrop fillets with
in DRC and Gerber files.

Lead Frame Technology

Semi-automatic, yet extremely fast process to
turn Lead Frame designs that were manually
drawn to the standard CDS data format.

IC Packaging Technology

Contains powerful tools that have been developed
in direct response to the needs of the world’s
largest packaging and layout companies.

Flip Chip / Die Bump Technology

Automates the process of creating redistribution
routing and bump artwork to convert a standard
die to a flipchip die.

Schematic Layout Design

A full featured schematic program capable of
quickly laying out schematic diagrams and
outputting netlists to most popular formats.