BGA Rebuild (BGAR)

The BGA Rebuild module will semi-automatically processes any DXF or DWG data from roughly drawn line artwork into a fully intelligent drawing for use in EPD.

After the standard intelligent cleanup process, the tools and modification commands in EPD may be run on the design to updating traces, Vias, blocks, bondwires and also capture a netlist. The design can also be converted to Gerber / GDS.

Key Features:

  • Read in Gerber or DXF or GDS from any CAD system and re-Intelligize into EPD layout

  • Work with Arcs or Vectors.

  • Adds a node or centerpoint to selected circles and polylines.

  • Convert polyline ARCS to intelligent vias.

  • Closes open polygons with an arc or straight segments.

  • Aligns polyline ends to the center of the terminal they are inside.

  • Adds vertices or adds and breaks vertices on crossing polylines.

  • Change the layer assignment of teardrops or delete them from selected circles.

  • Extend polylines to selected vias.

  • Replace ovals with a block containing substrate bond pads and pin numbers.

  • Joins broken tapered polylines with tapers.

  • Convert polylines to outlines or double lines

  • Converts parallel 0-width boundaries to multiple stroke wide polylines.

  • Convert arc shapes created with multiple vectors into smooth polyline arcs.

  • Draws traces from vias on a BGA design to the nearest BGA ball.