Advanced Routing (ADR)

The Advanced Route Module provides many advanced tuning, filleting, chamfering, progressive chamfering, neck downs, tapering and advanced trace editing commands.

Provides length tuning through adding accordions, trombones, compound arcs and arc radius modification and has global tuning capabilities for accordions and trombones by tuning a selection of nets at once to match all the nets to the longest net or to a specific length. Automatically converge the length of a net being tuned to the length of another selected net.

Routing is accomplished with CDS’s object based routing system that “hugs” objects with exact clearance, and speeds up the trace routing process.

For Dense BGA, CSP and other package auto routing, please see Interactive Routing.

Key Features:

  • Easy Differential Pair routing (see video demo below)

  • Many types of length tuning.

  • Trace segment sliding.

  • Any angle advanced manual routing with on-line DRC, hugs objects and follows angles of originating pad.

  • Complex stair vias for micro via technology.

  • No limits to routing geometries.

All forms of trace routing are accomplished with “power any angle” routing features like…

  • Trace length Tuning using Accordions, Trombones or Arcs. (See video below)

  • Real time DRC checking in the manual router.

  • Automatic and manual flex compatible tapers.

  • Microwave corner Miters. 

  • Automatic filleting or chamfering of the whole design. 

  • Multi-layer routing command places vias with a double pick.

  • Uses trace widths read in from a schematic netlist and auto-senses which layer to route on automatically.  

Differential Pair Routing:

Video of Differential Pair Routing


  • Automatic length matching using Accordion Tuners of many nets simultaneously.

  • Ability to route traces by using polygon boundaries. This type of routing also facilitates the use of true arc and true RF mitered corners.

Video of Trace Tuning and Chamfer

The routing system features drilled and build-up via technologies, with support for through hole, blind, buried, and stairstepped via constructions.