Advanced Multi-Chip Module (AMCM)

The Advanced MCM inserts an unlimited quantity of stacked dies in the same package, it accounts for alternate sourcing of dies that are different. It handles any number of side by side stacks with die to die wires.

Watch a Basic Video Demonstration 

These are just some of the functions this breakthrough EDA software technology can do to make the most complex stacked die constructions easy and quick. 

Key Features:

  • Any number of dies allowed in a die stack

  • Alternate sources for each die may be configured

  • Multiple designs may be made on a single substrate

  • Automatic uncrossing of wires on the same level

  • In depth editing capability on all entities

  • Developed in cooperation with one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers

  • Dies can be created using multiple sources: X,Y coordinate file

  • Analysis of graphical information, such as that from a DWG or DXF file

  • Reads directly from an Excel file

  • Advanced Conditions control allows rapid editing.4 different fanout types for Chipscale Packaging.

  • Components may be added or removed at any time.

  • It can handle multiple rows and columns of tack points on a single SBP.

  • It can handle unlimited numbers of dies and conditions to handle unlimited alternate dies and multiple products on the same substrate.

  • Ability to use over 100 dies in a single database.

  • Use of multiple stackup conditions to create different die configurations.

  • Ability to read in different netlists and information files for use in the design.

  • Many different bondwire fanouts are available.

  • Ability to create a component after different configurations are explored.

  • Accurate placement of completed module.

  • Powerful editing features to modify the module after it is created.

  • Automatically uncross many bond wires coming from the same die in seconds.

  • Advanced display features allow viewing of all entity and sub-entity data.

  • Set colors to bondwires for easy viewing.


View PDF Slide Demo of AMCM process

The AMCM system is written in an advanced, high-speed code, it is capable of processing high-volume of bond wires. This kind of innovation will result in tremendous time savings in design cycles, feasibility studies, and in general packaging substrate design. In addition, companies can now focus more time on optimizing and refining new products and less time on actual design. 

AMCM supports all major technologies, including multi-chip packages, flip-chip, stacked packages, etc.

Other features include:

  • Automatic uncross and sorting features

  • Easily editable configuration models

  • Use of stackup conditions to easily analyze different configurations

  • Detailed reporting functions on all parameters and wirebond conditions.