Advanced Design Rule Checking (ADRC)

The Advanced DRC checks object to object clearance,  containment, overlap, intrusion and intruder rules and can also for complex geometric relationship checking. The system includes unique and standard pre-defined rules and allows for creating custom rules and creates detailed reports, with features including zoom to error and isolate.

*CDS also offers a DRC product for PCB and substrate design layouts, See the DRC Pro Software.

3D Bond Wire Clearance Checking

3D Bond Wire Clearance (Available as a separate license) Checks the minimum clearance of 3D Bondwires and a 3D Bond Wire Loop-Height Checker Checks Loop Height of 3D Bondwires made with the 3DPCB command and bondwire profiles made with the PROFILE, DYNAPROFILE or JEDECPROFILE commands.

User-Defined Datum point available (e.g. set starting point of measurement to check a height starting at a die surface, etc.) Error Zoom in at 45 degree angle.

2 rules for the Advanced Design Rule Checker software.

3D Bond Wire to Bondwire Clearance Checker (ADRC Rule #175)

  • Checks clearance between 3DPCB-created bond wires using custom profile commands.
  • Will Check on multiple dies or single die with multiple wires and staggered pads bonded to elevated tiers in package (i.e. power bars, substrate)
  • Will rotate in 3D space at error for viewing

3D Bond Wire Loop-Height Checker (ADRC Rule #176)

  • Checks Loop Height for 3DPCB-created bond wires.
  • User-Defined Datum point available (e.g. set starting point of measurement to check a height starting at a die surface, etc.)
  • Error Zoom in at 45 degree angle
ADRC also works with our Lead Frame Library Search software to filter large libraries of EPD-intelligized Lead Frames and provides a search function for best available Lead Frame for a die.


Key Features:

  • Developed in conjunction with the world's leading semiconductor packaging companies and has proven performance with other leading edge design technology companies.

  • Check standard EPD entity types or define custom entities / shapes and then create rules by entity/layer name.

  • Set design rule clearances for Minimum and Maximum values.

  • Set Nominal Minimum and Maximum values for tight clearances.

  • Display Actual values for Min/Max after checking, regardless if rule is violated and is included in DRC reports.

  • Check any object shape such as graphics, logos or outlines.

  • Use filter to check specific entities by Block name and/or Reference Designator.

  • Zoom and isolate error and display dimensions the actual clearance at the error.

  • Check same net internal or external gaps on boundary nets (nets defined by a 0-width edge)

  • Containment, Intrusion, Intruder Overlaps rules are configurable

  • Wire bonding rules by diameter and length plus filter by material type and diameter if multiple wire types or widths are present.

  • Specialized rules to check quantity of objects, plating bars, solder masks, fiducials, inclusion/ exclusion, containment, bond wire assembly, metallization overlaps.

  • User may select Predefined Rules from a list or create custom rules on the fly.

  • Dialog box enables the user to move and stretch columns, minimize the dialog box, edit cells in place, scroll in X and Y directions, and display colors.

  • Rule parameters may be expressed as a function of another rule parameter by inserting a formula.

  • Errors less than a set amount can be automatically masked or unmasked.

  • Save custom DRC settings in a file for all groups or individual groups.

If our Advanced Design Rule Checker (ADRC) software does not fit your exact DRC rule, we can add it using our Highly-Customizable Design Rule Checking Algorithm Engine. CDS uses an industry leading Graphic Engine which allows for flexible and Highly-Customizable Design Rule Checking!

174 Predefined Manufacturing and Assembly Rules


Set Object Clearance, Intrusion, Intruder, Containment




Check Pad Diameters / Terminal Shapes


Check Internal and External Gaps


Filter for Material, Diameter, Block name and Ref. Des.


Create Basic and Detailed DRC Reports to Excel


  • Expanded Report includes all settings made and their results as a Tab-Delimited text file. Each Rule has a line and column header and the information related to the rule. Option to automatically open in MS Excel, if available.

  • Condensed Report includes line items for each Rule Number. Other columns included are: Description, Rule (Min/Max), Rule Actual Value, Error Accepted and Number of Errors. Report automatically opens in MS Excel, if available.

  • Bondwire Report includes a line for each bondwire in drawing. Each line column will provide information including X and Y coordinates at the start and end points as well as Bondwire Material and Diameter.

  • All Report results can be filtered to include/exclude: Violating Accepted Errors, Violating Non-Accepted and Non-Violating.