EPD to Allegro PCB Router Interface (EPD2RTR)

The EPD to Allegro Router 3rd party link is an add-on module that exports an intelligent design created in EPD by using the design process from one of our Designer Suites. After the layout has been created from scratch or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files, setup and export the DSN and DO files and start Specctra. After routing is complete, traces, vias, and test points are imported back into EPD for examination and modifications.

Key Features Include:

  • All autorouter settings can be made in the design layout
  • Preroutes can be sent to the autorouter
  • Keepouts and Fences can be sent to the autorouter
  • Unlimited split plane Autorouting capability
  • Detailed hierarchical rules settings
  • Autorouter starts from the layout GUI
  • Setup keep outs, split planes and other features In EPD before export.
  • Many rules are fed from the CDS layout directly into the Specctra interface.
  • Detailed hierarchical rules may be configured globally, by layer, class, class/layer, net, net/layer, region or between classes.

Design files with all appropriate settings can be easily edited by re-reading an existing design file, modifying and rewriting it with changes. Once your DSN file is created and Cadence Allegro PCB has routed your traces, you can completely read the PCB traces and parts placement back into EPD. Then use Gerber Technology for post-processing and CAM data output.