Cadence® APD/SIP Interface to EPD (DSN2EPD)

The DSN2EPD 3rd party link module is the bridge between the Cadence APD and SiP design environment and EPD Design Suites. Designs created in Cadence can be imported. This enables import of data for partner companies that may not have access to APD or SiP software. Once data has been imported into the EPD design environment, use EPD tools to edit, modify, update, DRC and export to Gerber or GDS.

Key Features Include:

  • Import Design layout standard objects:
    • Board Geometry
    • Trace Routes Data
    • Plane Outlines and Hatches
    • Keepouts
    • Net list information
    • Layer Names
    • 3D Bondwires
    • Material Information
    • Substrate Vias
  • Import die(s) information and geometry
  • Import Component Outlines
  • Exported data from:
    • Technology (.tech) file
    • Drill file (.drl) file
    • DXF file
    • Color Definition File (.clf)