RF Video Demo

1. Schematic
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3:00 Overview of our Schematic program (Auto Schematic Capture®) and how to export the netlist for use with placing parts, routing and checking during the PCB design process. 
2. Technology/Setup Watch Video 2:11 How to start CDS software and setup the drawing environment and design rules with the Technology command.
3. PCB Outline Watch Video 00:44 Create the PCB / Boundary outline for the design.
4. Parametric Parts Watch Video 4:44 Using the parts libraries to select parts, customize the parameters and place in the design.
5. Auto Placing Parts Watch Video 2:23 Automatically retrieves library parts, automatically designates them, and places them in the layout. The parts are automatically connected with rat lines according to the
6. Rat (net) lines Watch Video 1:55 Control the color and visibility of power nets for easy viewing and redrawing. Moving parts dynamically with rat lines.
7. Defining Vias Watch Video 1:12 Define new vias in the drawing for use during the routing process.
8. Nearside Routing Watch Video 3:05 Quickly route parts that are connected with rat lines or nets. Features to Autofix traces after they are routed using either manual or automatic directions.
9. Advanced Routing Watch Video 6:41 Routing traces on different layers using vias. Use custom trace widths that were read in from a schematic netlist and auto-sense which layer to route on automatically.
10. Differential Pair Watch Video 2:12 Join 2 rat lines for differential pair routing. While routing the tracks as though they are one and maintain a specific trace to trace clearance.
11. Custom RF Shape Watch Video 3:12 Create a complex RF shapes to function as part of the circuit. These shapes can eventually be made into parts by adding pin numbers and designators, or they can be left unblocked to function as intelligent conductive elements.
12. Trace Tuning Watch Video 3:39 Manipulate the trace lengths to achieve matched or specific lengths.
13. Ground Tie Vias (SM) Watch Video 1:08 Globally create connections for surface mount ground pins.
14.Ground Tie Vias (Thru Hole) Watch Video 2:03  Globally add ground ties to thru hole parts on all layers.
15. Ground Plane Creation Watch Video 7:15 Create a Ground Edge from the PCB outline, then create the ground planes with global or custom airgaps on all layers.
16. Pepper Ground Vias Watch Video 00:59 Automatically place ground vias anywhere that space is available while observing all proper DRC rules.
17. Net Connection Verification Watch Video 2:38 Perform a layout versus schematic or layout versus netlist check. The check will include a full continuity check for open and short circuits, as well as manufacturability issues such as islands, width checks, etc.
18. Design Rule Check (DRC) Watch Video 1:31 Verify all clearances in the design globally.
19. Fabrication and Solder Masks Watch Video 2:19 Setup the fabrication artwork and create drill tables, then create Solder Mask openings and Solder Paste Masks.
20. Assembly Drawing Watch Video 1:06 Create an assembly drawing from the finished artwork automatically.
21. Silk Screens Watch Video 1:54 Create and position all silk screens for the components.
22. Gerber Output Watch Video 2:03 Generate the Gerber artwork
23. Gerber Viewing Watch Video 1:55 View the Gerber artwork with built in viewer.