BGA Video Demo

01-Technology/SetupHow to start CDS software and setup the drawing environment and design rules with the Technology command.
02-Create Die using LIQ file with custom inputUsing the DIEWIZ command to read in an LIQ file and setting values manually. 03-Create Die using LIQ file automaticallyUsing the DIEMAKE command to read in the LIQ files and place according to the infomation in the LIQ file 04-Create the BGA patternUsing the BallGrid command to parametrically create a ball grid array pattern.
05-Create the Attach patternUsing the ATTACH command to create a fanout pattern for the new die pattern. 06-Place the finished attach pattern in drawingUsing the PLACEATTACH command to place the die attach pattern in the drawing. 07-Create die bonding fiducials parametricallyUsing the FidBond command to parametrically create bonding fiducials. 08-Generate a netlist between the Attach and BGAUsing the NetlistGen command to create a netlist between the BGA and Attach components.
09-Create preroutes from SBPs to first row of BGA Using the Preroute command to create preroutes from the attach pattern to the BGA the use the Rat command to redraw the rat lines. 10-Route the designAutomatically routed using the Autotrack command 11-Check the net connections and compare to reference netlistUsing the NetChk command to check connectivity and compare to the generated netlist. 12-Check the design for clearance errorsUsing the DRC command to check for clearance errors.
13-Create MasksUsing the MaskBGA command to create solder masks for the BGA pads and attach substrate bond pads. 14-Generating Gerber filesUsing the GERBOUT command to generate the Gerber artwork files 15-Viewing the Gerber filesUsing the GERBVIEW command to view the final artwork files