CAD Design Software - Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) includes access to software updates (via Live Web Update), and revisions and e-mail or telephone technical support.   

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AMC is an annual subscription and is calculated based on the current retail price of the software license (subject to change without notice).  The software will automatically notify the user 30 days prior to expiration. 

If this dialog boxes appears, it will show the number of days until the CDS.PWD license file will expire. This expiration date is the anniversary date of when the software was purchased.

  • You may pick the RENEW LATER button to continue using the software. Please note the number of days left in the dialog box "EPD License Expires in XX Days"

  • If you have an e-mail client setup on the computer and it is currently opened

    • Pick the RENEW NOW button to fill out a request form and submit a request.

    • The request will be sent to your local sales manager and they will contact you to provide a renewal quote.

If you DO NOT have an e-mail client, contact your local sales manager

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