EPD-DWG Viewer

EPD-DWG Viewer – A Free Application Plugin for AutoCAD or BricsCAD that allows design engineers to share an EPD-Created DWG file with other non-EPD users or 3rd party fabrication houses that receive EPD designs. The EPD viewer environment will display the drawing and maintain the embedded design information and polylines just as it were made with our software programs. The EPD Viewer also includes a useful set of tools that are available in the full EPD software such as highlighting electrical nets, searching and isolating specific entities, design reports and advanced view-controls.

About the EPD-DWG Viewer Install and Use: The EPD Viewer installation will create a new ‘profile’ for the host program (AutoCAD or BricsCAD) that will run our ARX executables upon start-up and insert a new pull-down menu for access to the commands and under the new profile. Also a desktop icon will be created to open the host program using the new ‘profile’. After the Splash Screen appears, the EPD environment is loaded and then users may ‘Open’ the .dwg file to see the design as would be seen in our software environment.

EPD-DWG Function: The EPD-DWG Viewer will pre-set the design environment so when an EPD drawing is opened, the polylines, layers, numbers and blocks will remain intact as they were made in EPD. Our CDSPolyline line types are available through ARX executables, which without, the polylines would be viewed as regular LWPolylines (standard AutoCAD Light Weight polylines). The difference is the CDSPolyline simulates the exact appearance of the resulting Gerber entities with rounded ends and vertices. We also have other EPD-Specific line types such as a Stripline and SCOMP which will only display with the ARX executables.