September 2014 -  Release Notes Version 8.2.0

Electronics Packaging Designer v8.2 Release Notes: 


32 bit = 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

64 bit = 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


32 and 64 bit = BricsCAD-V14 (14.2.06+)

BricsCAD Professional and BricsCAD Platinum versions only.

BricsCAD Classic is NOT compatible with ANY product from CDS.

EPD 8.1 OEM  

No longer sold or supported

General Updates:

·         Support for AutoCAD version 2015

·         Support for BricsCAD version 14.2

·         Licensing system and Vendor Daemon updated to FlexNET v11.12

·         Improved 3D Bondwire clearance checking technology works on 3D EPD-created JEDEC wires.

·         MS Excel netlist import using BGANETWIZ now combines cells containing multiple numbers in parenthesis and applies to multiple pin in drawing. Works best on power nets containing multiple pins for one signal net.


IC Packaging

·         Supports Jedec-4 and Jedec-5 bondwire profiles wherever profiles are used

·         LFINTEL has improved algorithm for calculation of via when exporting downsets to 3rd-party applications

·         LFINTEL stores original entities for easy rerun of intelligization

·         LFINTEL supports user-drawn substrate bondpads

·         LFINTEL ability to draw centerline on the leadtips

·         ATTACH supports a new fanout type (staggered multi-row straight aligned)

·         PLACEDIE supports Ribbon bondwires

·         PLACEDIE supports copper bondwires

·         DIEMAKE supports user-drawn component bondpads with irregular shapes

·         ATTINTEL supports down-bonds


Netlist Capture

·         Accurately capture irregular shape component bondpads

·         Captures “clips” in leadframes

·         Captures “heatslugs” in leadframes



·         Completely new region modeler operates on true arcs.

·         New capabilities for processing of holes (voids) in the result


Bondwire Export

·         Exports XML format to HK bonding machines


Auto Schematic Capture

·         Library components may contain arcs in polylines

·         Ability to cancel if the schematic environment is accidentally loaded

·         Un-connect marks are not corrupted during drawing save


Printed Resistors

·         Supports a third pin on the TOPHAT configuration


Design Rule Checking

·         ADRC now supports Line entities

·         ADRC supports filtering at the rule-group level

·         ADRC includes new Rule #175 for 3D bondwire clearance checking (available as a separate license).



·         GDSOUT ability to convert true type text to polygons



·         Improved 3D down-set slopes compatibility with Ansys and Cadence


3rd Party Links Export:

·         Added Support for new versions of Ansys and CST Microwave Studio

·         Added new function to use EPD-Created JEDEC wire profiles.

New Commands

·         EPDEXTRUDE – An EPD-compatible Extrude command to use as an alternative to the native Extrude command.

·         JEDECPROFILE parametrically creates JEDEC 4 & 5 bondwire profiles for use with EPD 3D commands, Bondwire Clearance checking and Export to Ansys.