CAD Design Software - Software Not Licensed dialog

Upon initial start, the Software Not Licensed dialog box will appear. This will automatically populate with the computers’ hardware information that CDS will need to properly code a license. This dialog box may also appear when there is an error.

*If using a network-based license, see the Network Variable for clients

See Overview of the Dialog
See How to use Buttons
See First Time Installation
See How to Obtain a License
See Error Messages


Overview of the Dialog Box:

How to use the Buttons:

  • SEND LICENSE REQUEST- This button will send all the information in the dialog box to CAD Design Software via e-mail to Authorization Codes (

    • The program will use the default e-mail program of the computer it is installed on and a dialog box will appear:

    • Pick Allow to continue to send the request. The sent email can been found in the Sent Items of your configured e-mail program.

  • SAVE AS A TEXT FILE- This button will create a TXT file of all the information in the dialog box so it can be sent to CDS as an alternative method or in a case in which there is no email configured on the workstation or no internet access.

  • EXIT LICENSE REQUEST - Pick this button to exit the dialog box. The software will not function without a license.

  • READ HELP - Pick this button to open the help file (This file currently open). This file may also be found in the \CAD Design Software\software product name\acad\ directory named ‘CDS_license.chm’

First Time Installation

  • Upon installing the CAD Design Software (even if purchased), the Software Not Licensed dialog box appears.

    • See the information below Obtain an License.

    • If the software is not licensed or no CDS.PWD license file is available, this dialog box will appear. 

Error Messages

    • The Software Not Licensed dialog box may appear if there is an error because the connection to the license server is not available or the license has expired. The initial information is seen in the Error Message window. This information will usually explain what the problem is. We will also require this information be sent if you cannot diagnose yourself.

    •  Also see Network troubleshooting

    •  Also see Unit License troubleshooting

    • Options when this happens:

      • Pick Exit License Request to exit the dialog box and close the software.

      • Pick Send License Request to request support from CDS.

      • Pick the Save as text file and send TXT file to CDS support or to your Technical addministrator.

      • ERROR MESSAGE Examples:

Error Examples: Cannot connect to license server system

Cannot find license file

The Host ID of the License does not match the Host ID of the System

Incompatible version 1.1>1.2 


How to Obtain a License:


  • Fill in the fields to identify yourself.

  • Select the appropriate radio button (15 day, Purchased, etc.)

  • Pick the Send License Request button.

  • The program will use the E-Mail Send command.

    • Pick Allow to continue to send the request. The sent email can been found in the Sent Items of your configured e-mail program

  • The information, serial number and the error message will be sent as an e-mail using your configured E-Mail Client Software (i.e. Outlook)You should be able to see the sent item in your configured e-mail program in the sent items folder.

  • If the computer does not have an e-mail client or access to the internet:

    •  Pick the Save as a Text File button to create a text file of the license information.

    • Send text file or the contents to:

    • CAD Design Software will then e-mail back a file attachment after the request has been processed. 

    • (This could take up to 48 hours.) Follow the instructions given in the e-mail to apply the license.