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New Build for EPD 8.2.240 January 15, 2018

Update include: 

  • EPD Core - Now compatible with BricsCAD 18 (requires new installer)

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.237 September 08, 2017

Updates include: 

  • Gerbout: corrected drill file header in mm
  • Lf-intel: enable / disable straight lead centerlines removed a data check that caused a crash processing centerlines in rare cases
  • Placedie: supports dies with multiple rows of pads
  • Sipprops: supports new fields in the XML file to allow configuring the pcb stackup
  • Epd2skl; detects and warns if try to output bondwires without netnames

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.233 June 26, 2017

Updates include: 

  • EPD Core - Now compatible with AutoCAD 2018 and BricsCAD 17
    (requires new installer)
  • GerbARX Core - Now compatible with AutoCAD 2018 and BricsCAD 17
    (requires new installer)

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.231 April 20, 2017

Updates include: 

  • NETCHK command Incorrect results when 1-segment polyline on GE layer

  • ATTACH, DIEMAKE, PLACEATT, DOCSETUP, new options to put bondwires and SBPs insertion layer on a layer according to bondwire material and size

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.227 April 18, 2017

Updates include: 

  • GERB2CAD command for BricsCAD 16 and 17 versions, error no function definition fixed when processing files.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.225 February 06, 2017

Updates include: 

  • PEPPER command issue fixed

  • TRACK pop-up menu now working

  • PANAL command updates posted

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.217 January 26, 2017

Updates include: 

  • New FlexNet 11.14 version for network daemon CDS.EXE and lmgrd.exe

  • Visit License support page to get new executables

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.207 September 06, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Placedie – bdif output obtains all information from the current drawing

  • Lfintel – was creating duplicate entities

  • Hesse export – added support for type attribute of references

  • Sipprops – addressed customer issue

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.205 June 13, 2016

Updates include: 

  • EPD Core - Now compatible with AutoCAD 2017 and BricsCAD 16 (new installer)

  • Dbccheck - corrected typo; checks for vias with wrong number of holes (0 or multiple)

  • Epd2pads - fixed several bugs

  • Boolean - fixed a crash in unusual conditions

  • Hesse converter - can write a summary report

  • Hispeed - correctly measure from-to length when traces connect before their endpoints (with capture full copper)

  • ADRC - new rule checks for text on trace layers

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.197 May 09, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Schematic – fixed issue with frozen layers in BricsCAD

  • Pour – fixed issue with pinhole filling (primarily in AutoCAD)

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.188 Apr 06, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Technology - stores Makeedge settings including layer mapping

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.187 Apr 04, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Core – corrected a crash related to data stored in the dictionary
  • Hispeed – upgraded design stackup global properties to include all technologies

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.182 Feb 09, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Profasg - added list to select bond type for CAM export
  • Bwseq - added list to select bond type for CAM export
  • Lfintel - was creating multiple powerbar centerlines, creating multiple pins on powerbars, omitting power bar centerline on short powerbar, also now removes sharp vertices from powerbar centerlines
  • 2200apm - crashed if mapping file not found
  • Placeattach - was not copying die height to the attach block
  • General EPD - Fixed crash when cancel from any file selection dialog when file exists
  • CDS Polyline - supports multi grips menu the same as lw polyline

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.179 Jan 12, 2016

Updates include: 

  • Epd2pads – numerous bug fixes
  • Flyprobe – compatible with AutoCAD 2015 & 2016

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.177 Dec 07, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Attach – was crashing when saved with a DBP
  • Epd2pads – initializes design settings so that hatched planes are visible after running hatch manager tool

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.174 Oct 28, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Technology - invalid floating point numbers stored in the drawing caused a
    crash when written to a .tch file and attempted to load from the file.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.173 Oct 12, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Attach - save was crashing in Acad 2015
  • Lfintel - issues on certain inputs
  • Lfintel & epd2skl - TCK blocks do not become part of a component block

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.171 Oct 07, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour - prevents creation of a 0-area hatch
  • Lfintel - several controls are greyed out in bond diagram mode 
  • Lib, Wlib - several internally discovered issues are fixed 
  • Common component creation - ability to set soldermask and solder paste mask offsets when creating components

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.169 Oct 02, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Epdupdate - setting to not ask again (re. automatic update) is respected
  • BondRef - attributes are on proper layers, Attributes are stacked parallel to the Y axis, Leader text height is consistent with other text heights
  • Netchk - was not checking plating leads on nets without pins
  • ADRC - added standard rule 177, distance from SBP insertion point to Mask
  • LfIntel - was crashing if tip length exceeded plating bar depth
  • GerbOut - setting punch size displayed size incorrectly in dialog

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.166 Sep 16, 2015

Updates include: 

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.165 Sep 12, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LfIntel - Lead centerline algorithm was failing on some lead shapes.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.164 Sep 11, 2015

Updates include: 

  • BGANetwiz - rename net of an N/C CBP when there are duplicates with the same name.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.163 Sep 03, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LfIntel was linking holes in QFN Bond Diagram mode, which it should not do.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.162 Sep 01, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Silkref - was not accepting lowercase characters in layer and block names

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.161 Aug 25, 2015

Updates include: 

  • XLSDIEWIZ- Trims leading and trailing whitespace from input cells

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.160 Aug 24, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LIB - scaling now works for PCB vias
  • Boolean - entered an endless loop when process pour filled plane
  • Dbcheck - checks for MLD missing from materials stackup

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.158 Aug 17, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Bganetwiz and placedie - ignores leading and trailing blanks in XLS netlist.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.156 Aug 05, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Addbond - completed 3-vertex bondwire mode enhancement for Stitched Bond wire creation, plus default pad sizes created based on bondwire width.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.155 Aug 03, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Placedie - now updates bondwire layers when change die stack sequence
  • EPD2SKL - fixed issues relating to stacked dies

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.154 July 30, 2015

Updates include: 

  • 3dpcb - creates plating on downsets
  • Lfintel - issues relating to metal containing voids and centerlines on powerbars
  • DynaProfile - sometimes crashed when using profiles stored in the drawing

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.150 July 24, 2015

Updates include: 

  • 3dpcb - option to create stacked spheres (actually revolved ellipses) for ball bond ends
  • Lfintel - reduced memory leak that occurs when drawing centerlines of complex leads ding into it
  • Live Update - Prompts for Update when start EPD (see More about LWU)
  • Addbond - ability to add a 3rd vertex per customer spec
  • Place - option to reload all part blocks from library definitions
  • Lfintel - corrected memory leak in computation of powerbar and lead centerlines Improved lead centerline algorithm
  • 3dpcb - was crashing when encountered a hatch on a layer with 0 thickness

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.145 July 07, 2015

Updates include: 

  • 3dmodel - option to draw advanced bond end shapes for ball bonds
    When drawing bondwire centerlines only, the polyline will stop at the top of the terminal instead of extending into it

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.144 July 06, 2015

Updates include: 

  • 3dmodel - new alias for the 3dpcb command

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.142 July 01, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Lfintel centerline algorithm could use too much memory vectorising SBP and lead.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.141 June 29, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Bwseq - new keyword options to select by fence and to reverse bondwire polyline
  • 3dpcb - when configured for angled downset slopes, 3d slope shape is not trimmed to the 2d downset shape

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.137 June 25, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Epd2odb - several issues fixes
  • MaxIRec - memory leak caused instability, function also used in LfIntel when slopes are present;
  • Newvia - issue in acad 2016 if Cancel

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.134 June 16, 2015

Updates include: 

  • ADRC - issue with Pre-Defined Rule #58 is resolved.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.133 June 15, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Epd2odb - was missing 7zip executable
  • Pcbltype - caused crash in certain button sequences
  • Adrc - added text "3D" to applicable rule descriptions

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.132 June 14, 2015

Updates include: 

  • EPD2SKL - some properties were not being set

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.131 June 11, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour - removed scaling of edges before hatching, was causing instability.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.130 June 11, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Bondref: Optionally creates leaders to the reference points
    Attributes and reference rectangle are on different layers

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.129 June 08, 2015

Updates include: 

  • EPD2ODB issue, only in Acad 2015 / x64..

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.127 June 08, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Docsetup - could fail trying to set textsize to 0.
  • Pour - bug when offset a filled plane.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.126 June 02, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Flood: Was not properly hatching when nested voids present
  • Planetrim: was not making hatch properly

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.124 June 01, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Tipdef - fixed several bugs
  • 3dpcb - added popup list to indicate that a layer is above a specified layer, automatically sets this layer's elevation.
  • LfIntel - Leadtip Centerline was not created on certain QFN designs

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.122 May 27, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Netchk – fixed memory leaks
  • Gndedge – sometimes crashed in acad mechanical
  • Undo – was not stable in acad mechanical
  • Boolean – xdata application was not always registered

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.121 May 20, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour - Was not ignoring based on net name attribute, Progress meter was not being removed after completing filled pour now works with arcs

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.120 May 18, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Netchk / rat: stability issue caused crash or exception
  • Track: recent change to x/y snap modes caused cursor to freeze
  • EPD2SKL: several fixes to address customer issues
  • Undo: was not set properly in Autocad Mechanical, especially 32-bit version
    Was not issuing “undo end” after EPD commands, user had to do this manually in order to Undo
  • LFIntel: lead tip centerline algorithm upgraded; now works with arcs

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.115 May 04, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LFIntel: Straight leads, trim at mold edge, supports leads which wrap around package corner Lead centerline supports leads containing arcs and general improvements

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.96 Apr 02, 2015

Updates include: 

  • EPD2ODB - error is fixed

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.95 Mar 26, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Placedie – sometimes omitted ring/powerbar wire if it has to cross another wire

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.94 Mar 25, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour - recent improvement introduced an issue in solid filled planes
  • Boolean - AutocCAD accuracy caused holes not to be linked in some cases
  • LfIntel - incorrect results in some cases requiring an outermost metal polyline

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.92 Mar 23, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Converters support functions error in Acad 2015 and updated for Acad 2014
  • Update for Netchk command after converter update.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.90 Mar 20, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Track – new snap mode prioritizes angle alignment before snap alignment. Useful to exit an off-grid terminal. This is now the default mode.
  • Schematic Preferences – Save Preferences indicated success although the file was read only and not overwritten and Load Preferences was not updating colors and text styles.
  • Teardroparcs, gerbout, etc. – A recent update caused exceptions when checking for bowties.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.87 Mar 18, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Netchk- Find Short Circuit now turns fillmode on if the path of the short includes a hatched boundary plane.
  • Schematic Preferences – separate settings for snap and grid
  • HiSpeed Voltage Drops dialog, corrected error in dialog for setting voltage drops
  • HiSpeed Voltage Drops dialog, error if current flowed through a ground plane
  • Gtie – Settings are stored in the Technology file.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.83 Mar 16, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour – issue with making arcs to follow the specified arc radius for boundary planes
  • Pour – alternate code for evaluating filled plane geometry, does not have a problem at any fill angle
  • LfIntel – was missing pins when fused leads in “straight leads do not trim” mode

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.75 Mar 13, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LFIntel - bond diagram works correctly when there are circles (reliefs) within the leads
  • Netchk - background update fixed for issue during random processes

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.73 Mar 09, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Newpart - failed to erase symbol when making slide, causing superimposed slide images, in Acad 2015
  • MIR - new command
  • About EPD  and Tech Startup dialog - updated copyright

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.72 Mar 08, 2015

Updates include: 

  • DRC - ignores width of PCB outline, treats as if 0-width.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.71 Mar 05, 2015

Updates include: 

  • LfIntel - supports setting pins to "unused" and these numbers will be skipped when assigning pin numbers to SBPs, gullwings, and package terminals.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.70 Mar 04, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Netchk etc - error in 8.2.68 caused error
  • Autojoin - checkbox to prevent exploding blocks when enable Lclean
  • bwseq - modeless dialog to set current number and increment
  • technology - crashed when selected PCBLTYPE button

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.68 Mar 03, 2015

Updates include: 

    • BND-NS layer is created it is assigned color “red”
  • Technology & verify:
    • Ability to load a DRC rule set from a file
    • Ability to set the name of the Schematic libraries external database
  • Hispeed
    • Ability to assign dielectric constants to all substrates when click “initialize”
  • Ssget
    • Ability to search for 3D Solids
  • Netchk / Rat
    • Information was not updated properly if deleted the last instance of a block and purged the block
  • DRC
    • Rules matrix dialog displays the name of the last loaded or saved rule settings file
  • Gerbout
    • If try to convert a truetype font which is not installed, the name of the font appears in an error message in the AutoCAD text window
  • XLS interface library
    • Functions correctly when other applications are installed
    • When writing library to an external database, if table already exists, can choose to delete and replace the table.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.66 Feb 25, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Support for dongles in 8.2
  • Lead Frame QFN Samples updated
  • EPD2SKL fixed for no net names

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.64 Feb 17, 2015

Updates include: 

  • New database library file method as described in DOC
  • Removed DCl warning message that appeared in BricsCAD SSymbol command

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.62 Feb 12, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Pour: Sometimes did not relieve entities close to the ground edge
  • GTie: did not place ties correctly on stairstep vias

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.61 Feb 06, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Cir2Dnut: Changed dialog text for clarity
  • Gerbout - auto setup logic for non-plated subbatches did not work in some cases.
  • 3DPCB: sometimes did not function in BricsCAD because BREP command not available.
  • MCDS: sometimes did not function and Improved formatting of total in Excel output.
  • DocSetup / AutoDoc: Was changing insertion layer of die blocks, causing 3DPCB to be incorrect afterwards. Any wirebonded drawing which has had DOCSetup/AutoDOC run should be discarded and an earlier version used if 3DPCB is to be rerun.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.54 Jan 28, 2015

Updates include: 

  • AUTODOC updated for AutoCAD 2011 and earlier.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.51 Jan 26, 2015

Updates include: 

  • GerbARX, fill offset setting works when settings are not identical for all the layers within a sub-batch.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.47 Jan 22, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Technology dialog has a button to access PcbLtype dialog
  • Boolean algorithm had accuracy problems in certain cases and wrote an error to the text window
  • GerbOut - Autosetup function issues in certain cases

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.45 Jan 20, 2015

Updates include: 

  • Truetype text conversion in GerbOut and others no longer crashes if a specified font is not installed.
  • Partout command issue if SCH not initialized first.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.43 Jan 12, 2015

Release 8.2.43 Updates include: 

  • ADRC now includes a timestamp at the beginning of the report.
  • ADRC rules file includes current Time & Date information.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.41 Jan 08, 2015

Release 8.2.41 Updates include: 

  • Tipdef - F1 now activates help for Tipdef.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.40 Jan 06, 2015

Release 8.2.40 Updates include: 

  • GerbOut:
    • Autosetup>purge unused layers was crashing if layer "HOL-NP" is present
    • Error with output units set to Microns.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.33 Jan 05, 2015

Release 8.2.33 Updates include: 

  • TipDef
    • Now works in window mode on arc segments, including arcs without quadrants.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.32 Dec 31, 2014

Release 8.2.32 Updates include: 

  • LfIntel
    • selection sets are local variables so the command can be run on a large number of open drawings without crashing.
  • Hispeed
    • Electrical Calculations returns to the Hispeed Dialog if it reports that settings are missing and it cannot proceed.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.30 Dec 30, 2014

Release 8.2.30 Updates include: 

  • Track
    •  immediately draws rats for unfinished portions of differential pair after routing
  • Pour
    • was offsetting the border inward instead of outward and did not create offsets on entities on or outside of it.
  • PcbLtype
    • regenerates after changing vertex circle settings so that nested polylines will update
  • Schematic capture
    • accepts connector designators of the form J1_A
  • Guidepath dialog
    • has checkboxes to separately enable guidepaths and tackpoints.
  • Boolean algorithm
    • failed on one test case.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.25 Dec 19, 2014

Release 8.2.25 Updates include: 

  • LfIntel:
    • Correction to logic for mode "straight leads / do not trim"

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.24 Dec 18, 2014

Release 8.2.24 Updates include: 

  • Table-PC:
    • Greys out table dimensions if not drawing table
    • Was writing an empty drill file if table not being drawn
  • Gds-In:
    • Tree view shows initial checkmarks for selected blocks/cells

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.22 Dec 17, 2014

Release 8.2.22 Updates include: 

  • ADRC (Rule# 175):
    • Bondwire checker error view orbit updated for AutoCAD 2015 and BricsCAD 15
    • Bondwire checker suppresses errors at nearly identical locations
    • Bondwire checker detects violations on all segments
  • Netchk:
    • When set net names to vias, only the top block is now set
  • Gerbview:
    • Rotated diamond flashes did not appear filled
  • Schematic:
    • Power command checks that a valid schematic layer is current

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.18 Dec 16, 2014

Release 8.2.18 Updates include: 

  • Boolean algorithm now scales input for better reliability when pouring designs in Microns
  • ADRC bondwire clearance viewer did not allow Rotate after clicking OK in Error Browser

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.17 Dec 12, 2014

Release 8.2.17 Updates include: 

  • Push failed to push via that encountered trace that molded around an obstacle.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.16 Dec 10, 2014

Release 8.2.16 Updates include: 

  • Issue occurring in EPD for BricsCAD v15 when close a drawing that is not currently activated, by clicking on the X in its document tab.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.15 Dec 09, 2014

Release 8.2.15 Updates include: 

  • Schematic: Pullout command error, if the command is not applicable.
  • Shownet: Identifies bondwires as bondwires, previously they were listed as Pads.
  • BlkDel: Attribute deletion dialog is suppressed if run during RefEdit because its results were not as expected.
  • Marks: error if canceled Initialize Schematic dialog, when Schematic environment had not yet been initialized.
  • Diesedit now places attributes (e.g. Dependon attribute) on the same layer name as the attribute tag (previously new attributes were placed on the current layer).

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.10 Dec 08, 2014

Release 8.2.10 Updates include: 

  • Schematic Partlist – save to Excel, preserve leading zeros etc. in package names and part names. So 0603 doesn’t get converted to 603.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.9 Dec 04, 2014

Release 8.2.9 Updates include: 

  • LX command fixed, was not setting the current layer as directed.
  • Pour now applies the specified airgap for pads to polylines with width on pad layers.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.7 Dec 02, 2014

Release 8.2.7 Update includes: 

  • GDS did not properly reduce vertex count of closed polylines exceeding the specified maximum vertex count

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.5 Dec 01, 2014

Release 8.2.5 Update includes: 

  • Schematic netlist capture properly handles multiple device packages with reference designator that has no alphabetic prefix and/or long numeric infix.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.4 Nov 26, 2014

Release 8.2.4 Update includes:

  • Gerb2cad (GerbIn) issue on unexpected input following G70 and G71.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.3 Nov 24, 2014

Release 8.2.3 and Updates for:

  • Cavities command omits reference designator attribute, since it is not needed.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.2 Nov 20, 2014

Same Release version 8.2.2

  • 3dpcb did not properly subtract cavities in AutoCAD 2015
  • LfIntel did not properly orient downset vias in some cases
  • Flip did not flip pins of parts containing vias
  • RAT command not compatible in AutoCAD 2015 Mechanical
  • HK820Bonder – settable origin and scale factor

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.2 Nov 17, 2014

Release 8.2.2 and Updates for:

  • Boolean algorithm speed up 3x will benefit for commands like MPOUR and MAKEEDGE to speed up time of running routines.

New Updates Posted for EPD 8.2.1  Oct 21, 2014

Release 8.2.1 and Updates for:

  • Track via selection dialog define button did not work
  • LfIntel recognizes metal close to the mold but not touching it
  • Relayer works on stairstep vias
  • LFAnalyze new command (in continuing development)
  • EPD menu maker reads help strings from .cui instead of .mnu
  • GDS was outputting an invalid file
  • Update for Bricscad environment for tech file dialog
  • Boolean made artifacts that caused errors in Skill

EPD 8.2.0 Version New Release Sep 17, 2014

Initial Release 8.2.0See Press Release

  • Support for AutoCAD version 2015
  • Support for BricsCAD version 14.2
  • Licensing system and Vendor Daemon updated to FlexNET v11.12
  • Improved 3D Bondwire clearance checking technology works on 3D EPD-created JEDEC wires.
  • Read More Release Notes