CAD Design Software - License Support

  • EPD v8.2.213 uses Flexera FlexNET v11.14 January 2017

  • EPD v8.2.205 uses Flexera FlexNET v11.12 Obsolete Version

  • EPD v8.1.0 uses Flexera FlexNET v11.10 >>Support discontinued as of March 2015<<

  • Windows Workstation XP, 7, 8 and Windows Server 2003 & 2008

  • Unix servers are not supported

  • Download and Help available here--> Network License Support

CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE products use FlexNET to license all of its products. FlexNET can be used in either Unit locked or Floating (Network) configurations.

Unit Locked licensing dedicates a license to a particular computer or CDS hardware dongle key.

Floating licensing allows multiple users to share a license over a local network via a server or host computer and grants or denies licenses based on availability. With floating licensing, the license is assigned to the server name and MAC address and is defined as the license server, and each client workstation running the CDS requests licenses from the server as needed. The number of available seats are stored in the license file.

You can purchase a license with full functionality or with one or more limited features. The license keys in the license file activate only the purchased products. CDS typically issues FLEXlm licenses on a yearly basis. Trial software evaluation licenses are generally issued for 15 days.