RF Designer Suite (RFD)

The RF Designer Suite is suitable for designing any type of Digital or Analog and all types of RF PCB’s. It includes many features that enhance the design of RF / Microwave / Wireless printed circuit boards. Includes an unlimited design environment. Its geometry engine puts the power of the most advanced CAD systems at the circuit designer's fingertips. For the first time, this package brings to the EDA world an unrivaled capability to successfully and intelligently layout the most complex designs, without compromises in accuracy.

* See also the Master RF Designer Suite for a more comprehensive set of tools.

Build your Own Suite:

The RF Designer Suite may also be customized by adding other products from CDS. You can add other Technology, Utility Modules and 3rd Party Links to build a design suite to fit your exact needs for a value price.

Key Features:

  • RF vias are made with additional vias as shields around the signal via using parametric controls

  • Length tuning of net lengths using arcs, accordion or trombone tuners (includes phased-array design tools)

  • Automate the creation of complex embedded circuits, Dividers, couplers, spiral inductors, radial stubs.

  • Any footprint can be made with any shape using closed polyline boundaries.

  • Via peppering makes via arrays connecting identical plane nets, on multiple layers and automatically removes vias that would connect to the wrong net

RF Design Tools


The RF Layout environment features a comprehensive library of parametrically controlled standard RF elements. It provides the electrical intelligence to all custom element and component constructions. The RF environment also features:

  • Powerful boundary based geometry, or “anyshape” nets

  • Support for true RF miters and fillets with true arcs

  • Manual and automatic features for matched lengths, differential pairs, etc.

  • Automatic length tuning and matching

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Schematic Design:

The Schematic design environment is a full featured, hierarchical schematic capture program that can communicate seamlessly with the PCB layout. The Schematic environment also features:

  • Schematic driven design rules

  • Symbols and attributes can be loaded from a database

  • Powerful library system for custom symbols

  • Bi-directional schematic links to simulation tools such as ADS and MWO

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Design Rule Checking:

Design Rule Checker Utility is a batch clearance checking tool for user checking of completed or in-progress designs, to produce precision accuracy down to fractions of a micron.

  • Unlimited custom entity-to-entity checking.

  • Save custom DRC settings in a file.

  • View and automatically zoom to errors for correction.

  • The Ignore Errors Less Than feature screens out insignificant minute errors not worth reviewing.

  • Hierarchical rule setting.

  • DE command lists error data on selected Error Flags.

  • VE command displays all rule errors in a grid.

  • Settings stored in drawing database.

  • All errors are flagged.

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Advanced Routing:

The Advanced Route Module provides many advanced tuning, filleting, chamfering, progressive chamfering, neck downs, tapering and advanced trace editing commands. The tools included enhance the features in the Master RF Suite.

  • Easy Differential Pair routing

  • Many types of length tuning.

  • Trace segment sliding.

  • Any angle advanced manual routing with on-line DRC, hugs objects and follows angles of originating pad.

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