This feature reads in RS274X Gerber data and IPC-D-356A net list data output by any EDA layout program and automatically intelligizes it into EPD standard data format.

*See also the CAM-Links product to export drawing data to Ansys simulation.

Output from garden variety PCB design software can be quickly and easily upgraded to conform to new manufacturing processes when they are re-intelligized from their CAM data in EPD. All necessary masks and CAM data are automatically generated and exports including Gerber, GDSII, Stereo- Lithography (.stl), ACIS (.sat) STEP & Analysis, etc. are fully supported.

  • Gives the user access to any Intelligent EPD functions for further processing and design.

  • Select the Path to data folder and it automatically locates the Gerber files in the current path.

  • EPD Gerber files create .pho as a file extension. The software automatically detects the most common extension in the selected folder. It also allows selecting files of any extension.

  • In the IPC File area Browse to select the Path and file name of the appropriate IPC Netlist that matches the Gerber 274X data.

  • CAM-Vert automatically intelligizes this data into EPD format to be compatible with all EPD processes.

  • The simple interface enables quick selection of the Gerber and IPC files, maps them to Traces, holes or masks and supports automatic configuration by loading pre-made configuration files for an easy fit into any process flow.