Simlink SIW (EPD2SIW)

The Simlink SIW is an add-on module that exports an intelligent design using the design process from one of our Designer Suites.

Once the layout has been created from scratch or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files, the design layout will include embedded attributes such as Material and Net information. The exported design and attribute information is saved as an .ANF file to be read into the Ansys SiWave environment. 


EPD Drawing Ready for Export Drawing Imported into SiWave


Key Export Options include:

  • Ansoft Neutral File (*.anf).
  • Export CMP (Component parasitic) file for use with the ANF file to initialize a circuit in SiWave.
  • ANF Version 1.0
  • ANF Version 2.01
  • Use EPD-Captured Netlist
  • Lists any layers that did not covert.