Simlink Microwave Office (MWO)

Simlink Microwave Office is an add-on module for our PCB, and RF Designer Suites. Within the EPD design environment, there are over 100+ Microwave Office-compatible physical parts available for placement and also be parametrically created / modified. Schematics are also handled the same.


Our Auto Schematic Capture software is capable of quickly laying out schematic diagrams in AutoCAD and outputting netlists to most popular formats. Includes such features as; Gate swapping and pin swapping, Automatic bus creation, No size limit, Robust netlist generation, Library management system, Highly automated parts creation, plus much more.

Microwave Office PHYSICAL OUTPUT (Back to EPD)

Our PCB and RF/Microwave Technologies automates all types of PCB and RF(Analog/Digital/Wireless/Microwave) designs. Includes such features as; Automatic placement of all ground ties on all layers and nets, Via peppering at any pitch places thousands of ground plane vias in seconds, Support for embedded components and circuits inside blocks, Full checking functionality on any shape and at any hierarchical level, Advanced padstack editor, Ratlines (guides) may be assigned colors, classes, layers, and optimization or by net order.