Simlink ADS Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS)

The SIMLINK ADS is an add-on module that converts an EPD Schematic and EPD RF or PCB design layout into the ADS environment for testing of the circuit. Our Design suites contains all standard and advanced EDA layout tools to automate and speed up the design process to export to the ADS circuit analysis tools.

Bi-Directional Schematic Integration:

Our Auto Schematic Capture program is an affordable and easy to use, but powerful design system. Using our Schematic program, quickly and accurately design a schematic, generate a netlist, import the layout into the ADS system then continue with the analysis. If changes are needed, you may continue to use the ADS system to modify the schematic or flip back over to the Auto Schematic Capture program and quickly modify the design.

Bi-Directional PCB Layout Integration:

Using our RF Suite or PCB Suite design products, there are over 100 ADS parametrically created physical parts available for placement. These parts are compliant with the parts in ADS. Quickly create the PCB layouts using real ADS parts and import to ADS. You can even import existing ADS databases into EPD to further enhance the layout, check clearance and output to Gerber.