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Press Release – Major Breakthrough in Ceramic Design Software

CDS announces major reduction in process time from weeks to less than a day as reported by a major defense customer in its LTCC layout and manufacturing preparation.


June 2, 2008, San Jose, California—CAD Design Software announces the results of a major LTCC design test conducted by a leading U.S. defense foundry.  After substantial development followed by implementation at a key government prime contractor site, the result is a dramatic reduction in overall design time.

The prime defense contractor reported, “The special LTCC design and Gerber package that CDS has designed for LTCC has essentially allowed us to reduce our tooling generation time for complex ceramic designs from 40-80 hrs to 2-8 hrs.  This is a significant savings in cost, production flow and quality of our LTCC products.” 

“Through working closely with numerous military and commercial LTCC customers and material suppliers, we have been able to incorporate new automation functionality and materials handling capabilities in our Hybrid/MCM Design Suite that allow our customers to dramatically reduce their design time.  We are very pleased that our customers are experiencing substantially reduced time to market. The LTCC automation functionality, part of CDS’ EPD (Electronics Package Designer) suite of design and layout software, is now available in CAD Design Software’s Master PCB and Master IC Packaging Suites, as well as the Hybrid/MCM Design Suite.

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CAD Design Software provides complete 3D Electronic Design Automation solutions for semiconductor packaging and PCB designs disciplines.  Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) software suites are tailored to applications such as BGA, uBGA, Ceramic (Hybrid/MCM, LTCC), Lead Frame, Stacked Die, IC Test, RF/Microwave, Flex and other design technologies. For more information on CAD Design Software, call 408.436.1340, visit our web site at, or e-mail to