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Press Release – New CDS Simlink tool interfaces to Sonnet

CAD Design Software (CDS) and Sonnet Complete Interface (SimLink SON)

Los Gatos, California – July 7, 2004 – CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE, a company that specializes in EDA layout tools, and SONNET SOFTWARE, a leading developer of planar electromagnetic (EM) software, announce the completion of a data interface between the two companies’ flagship products. Designers using CAD Design Software’s Electronic Packaging Designer (EPD) now can quickly and easily port data into Sonnet Suite and perform planar EM analysis. Sonnet users now can utilize a highly automated EDA layout tool that substantially reduces design times over traditional tools.

CDS’s revolutionary products have been designed with the philosophy that there is constant need to meet the individual requirements of their customers. Rather than using a static architecture normally found in standard product design, CDS’s backbone has been designed to accommodate the implementation of specific functions required by their customers. Increasingly, simulation and analysis functionality is a mandatory part of the layout process.

As stated by CDS’s President, “Our link to Sonnet Software makes a new and powerful analysis tool in the planar EM arena available to our customers. Increasing frequencies and circuit complexities require that designers analyze designs quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our interface to Sonnet’s highly regarded planar EM analysis tools will help shorten the layout/analysis cycle for our customers, thereby improving accuracy and time-to-market.”

Dr. James Rautio, President of Sonnet Software, adds, “We feel the over-riding theme of this decade in high frequency/microwave EDA software is interoperability. CDS is clearly playing a strong role in this area by interfacing their world-class layout tools with such a broad spectrum of EDA tools. We are very pleased that CDS is including Sonnet in that group. It is this kind of ease of interoperability that will contribute most strongly to the success of our mutual customers.”

The Sonnet Interface, “Simlink™ Sonnet”, part of CDS’ family of simulation link tools, is available as an add-on module and can be combined with any CDS Designer Suite including RF Designer Suite™ and Hybrid/MCM Designer Suite™. CDS and Sonnet tools are available through their respective channel partners. 

CAD Design Software is the leading developer of new technology Electronic Design Automation software tools for the design and layout of advanced RF/Microwave, IC packaging, MCM, and printed circuit boards. CDS offers software design suites to numerous industries, including BGA and Stacked Die Packaging, Microwave/RF, BGA, MCM/Hybrid, and IC Test with true 3D Design capabilities. For more information on CAD Design Software, call 408-358-3305 or visit

Sonnet® Software provides commercial EDA software solutions for high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) analysis. Sonnet’s customers worldwide use their electromagnetic simulation software for design and analysis of high-frequency circuits, distributed filters, transitions, multi-layer RF packages and antennas. Sonnet’s software products have wide application in the fields of microwave and mm-wave design, packaging and LTCC design, and EMC and EMI analysis. Now in its 22st year, Sonnet has set the industry standard in accuracy and quality in high-frequency planar EM analysis software. For more information on Sonnet Software, please call 315-453-3096 or visit