About CAD Design Software

CAD Design Software, a division of CAD Design Services, Inc. specializes in customized software that is tailored to each customers' specific needs. Founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1989, CDS develops EDA layout software to meet your design and manufacturing needs, software designed by designers for designers!

Our software is built on a modern updated platform therefore, the code is continually updated and optimized. This means that the latest technologies are always supported or implemented quickly. This kind of software system is also highly reliable, so real automation is possible with no workarounds. All of this adds up to a quick return on your investment, and with the increase in speed, you can get your products to market faster than your competition.

We also realize that you have a major investment in your processes and your tools. We look at how we can improve and optimize your process and system, not throw out what you have. We reduce design time by adding automation to your processes, at a lower cost of entry than traditional EDA tools. This helps you increase productivity and also improve cost avoidance. We not only offer full stand-alone EDA layout tools, but we also complement the tools you already have through system interoperability.

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CAD Design Software is an Authorized Developer of Autodesk®. CDS has been creating software for over 20 years using the AutoCAD® engine as the base graphics engine. Using LISP and ARX routines we call this intelligent design engine, Electronics Packaging Designer or EPD. This core design engine (EPD) is tailored for specific technologies and industries. The result is faster, more accurate designs than are possible with other "Design Automation" tools. Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) is the best environment for all types of designs and layouts.

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CAD Design Software is also compatible with BricsCAD® for the first time. This integration now enables the entire range of CDS products to become available to the growing number of worldwide BricsCAD customers. With this collaborative integration, CDS solutions for Schematic and PCB design, Digital RF Microwave, Phased Array, LTCC/ HTCC and IC packaging become available to a wider range of Circuit Layout and Design Engineers users worldwide.

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CAD Design Software Key Selling Points

CAD Design Software uses 3D as a fundamental driving force behind all of its products. Most 3D-based engineering systems (Solidworks, Ansys, etc.) use either the ACIS or the ParaSolid 3D modeling engines. Use of either 3D modeling engine ensures that data can faithfully be reproduced and shared between Electrical CAD applications and Mechanical CAD applications. CAD Design Software leverages the ACIS engine to produce industry standard 3D models, and is currently the only Electrical CAD system that uses a 3D modeling engine.

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CDS Design Suite Solutions

CDS offers award-winning layout solutions for all circuit design technologies. Our three core markets are IC packaging, Hybrid / MCM / LTCC, and RF / Microwave. However, CDS also offers software solutions for many advanced, niche, and developing technologies.

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CDS Technology Solutions


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CDS History

  • 1985 - CAD Design Services started as an RF/Microwave service company
    Major customers: Teledyne, Raytheon, Harmonic Lightwave, Endwave.

  • 1989 – CAD Design Software division (CDS) formed to develop circuit design software.

  • 1991 – CDS introduces GerbART (bi-directional Gerber Converter) later to be renamed to GerbARX.

  • 1992 – CDS introduces RF and Hybrid / MCM layout software

  • 1995 – CDS introduces IC Package Design Software

  • 1997 – CDS secures private funding and introduces Semiconductor Packaging Designer.

  • 1997 – CDS introduces mBGA™ Designer as result of partnership with Tessera Technology.

  • 1998 – CDS begins major market expansion into Japan and Asia

  • 2000 – CDS introduces Stacked Die Designer as result of a development partnership with Intel.

  • 2001 – CDS introduces Signal Integrity system for IC package analysis

  • 2002 – CDS secures major private funding and introduces Advanced DRC and interfaces to ADS.

  • 2002 – CDS’ Hybrid / MCM Designer awarded 3rd place in Top Ten Developments in Ceramic Interconnect Technology by the Ceramic Interconnect Initiative (CII) at IMAPS 2002.

  • 2003 – CDS introduces Advanced MCM and intelligent interfaces to NI (formerly AWR Corporation) Microwave Office and Ansys products (HFSS, Q3D, SiWave).

  • 2004 – CDS introduces intelligent interfaces to CST Microwave Studio, Sonnet, and Valor ODB++ and begins major work to develop custom software applications for various companies.

  • 2005 – CDS’ Bondwire Optimizer (BWO) software awarded “Best New Product in Package Design Software & Equipment” at SemiconWest 2005 by Advanced Packaging.

  • 2006  – CDS is involved in major auto-router development project.

  • 2007  – CDS develops Lead Frame Intelligization and major routing commands including Push, Spread, and Plow, and Flip Chip route optimization.

  • 2008 – CDS introduces major LTCC design and manufacturing (CAM) system.  Developed with a major U.S. LTCC foundry, it reduces fab set up time from two weeks to less than a day, dramatically reducing design and fab times.

  • 2009 - Association with DuPont for LTCC Design Automation.

  • 2010 - Lead Frame Design Automation Including Routing Optimization and Gold Wire Cost Optimization.

  • 2011 - CAD Design Software and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. launch flow for Chip-Lead Frame-Board Co-Design.

  • 2012 - CAD Design Software releases EPD version 8.1.0 or compatibility with AutoCAD 2013. Includes new features for Lead Frame Technology and Links to Ansys Simulation, plus much more.

  • 2014 - CAD Design Software release EPD version 8.2.0 for compatibility with AutoCAD 2015 and now is also compatible with BricsCAD for the first time.

  • ...and Beyond - CDS is committed to delivering a modern updated platform, deliver the latest tools for our design technologies plus implement new emerging technologies and provide a modern design software product.


CDS Customers

CDS is used by some of the largest and well-known names in the world:

  • Leading private and public companies

  • Government and Research laboratories

  • Military Suppliers

  • Universities

  • Training Facilities

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CDS Advantage

  • Superior graphics engine

  • Lack of true “design” tools in the EDA industry

  • CDS is written by experienced designers

  • CDS has established numerous partnerships

  • Open Architecture

  • Best Customer Support in the industry

  • Strong foundation for Concurrent Engineering

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CDS Technical Capability

  • Support for all technologies

  • ACIS-based 3D solid modeling

  • Flexible component libraries

  • Advanced design verification

  • Superior routing capability

  • High speed capability

  • Advanced region modelers

  • Documentation package

  • Advanced artwork generation

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